What is MI2M?

Moving Ideas to Market (MI2M) is an initiative started by the Prima Civitas Foundation and partner Corporation for a Skilled Workforce with a grant from the C.S. Mott Foundation to raise awareness of entrepreneurial resources across Michigan and to incubate innovative programs that can be replicated throughout the state.

Our primary goal is to change Michigan’s entrepreneurial culture, and we specifically take on projects that we think can lead to culture change. Much of our work consists of promoting positive examples and best practices of entrepreneurship and innovation in K-12 schools, colleges, and beyond.

At MI2M we define entrepreneurship broadly—encompassing skills like critical thinking, technological proficiency, creativity, collaboration, and global literacy. We believe entrepreneurial culture change begins with Michigan's youth and continues through adulthood. By connecting and promoting entrepreneurial resources throughout Michigan, we hope to create a culture of empowerment that is cultivated throughout Michigan’s classrooms and communities.