For Parents

MI2M hopes to help parents connect their children with the programs, groups, and other resources necessary to successfully pursue innovation and entrepreneurship in Michigan. The following resources include articles, blogs and books that have great ideas on what it takes to prepare kids for the real world of business.

Raising CEO Kids

Raising CEO Kids aims to provide the ultimate resource full of tips and advice for parents to raise kids to be smart and savvy entrepreneurs. The book contains interviews and research on what it takes to make sure kids succeed in business.

Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

This article from the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur collects interviews and tips from entrepreneurs and parents on what it takes to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in kids. There are almost 200 ideas for you to take a look at to help get your kids started.

Business Insider

For anyone not sure on why there is a need to teach kids about entrepreneurship, this is a great article with ideas to get kids started down a path toward entrepreneurship.

Empowerment Perspectives for Encouraging Youth to Lead

Robin Michelle Morris describes the success she has had and her impressions from the strength of young people.

MOMeo Magazine

MOMeo has a collection of exciting innovation-centered games for parents to play with their kids.

Bright Hub

Bright Hub provides kids with fun and interactive ways of exploring entrepreneurship and innovation. Parents have the option to read more about online and board games to find the right one for their kids.